Manufactured by a farmer in Waynesboro, Georgia, the Alison Bale Converter converts large round bales or large square bales of hay or straw into small square bales. Converting and rebaling allows hay and straw farmers to store the hay in large round or square bales, and then market them as 14x18 or 16x18 square bales.

The Alison Bale Converter uses hydraulic pressure to force the round or large square bale to advance through a dethatcher which fluffs and separates the hay or straw and delivers it to a square baler. The converter unit uses the latest electro-hydraulic technology. The Alison Bale Converter is much easier to operate, has fewer moving parts, and has many added safety features.

Farmers and ranchers can reduce the manual labor required to produce, store, and handle small square hay bales. Many do not have the time or the labor to produce only square bales during harvesting. The ability to store the straw or hay as round or large square bales, then rebale as needed can be a profitable operation at a time when labor and storage are at a premium.

The Franklin J. Witter Center at the University of Maine used a hay rebaler for a number of months. The Center’s preliminary experience showed that 3.5 workers (operator, stacker, loader-floater, and cleanup person) could rebale about 6,000 pounds an hour. They needed two tractors (one for power and one to load) and a square baler. The rebaling operation produced a lot of dust and chaff, so locating the operation in an area that has good ventilation is suggested.

The total cost per hour to rebale 7.5 large round bales was $357.16.* This included the cost of the bale. The 145 square bales valued at $3.25 each or $471.25 resulted in an increase net revenue of $114.09 per hour, or $15.21 per round bale or $0.79 per square bale. In a worst case scenario, with round bales costing $45 and wages at $13 per hour, the break even price for square bales would be about $3 per bale. The rebaling costs alone were $75.91/hour, $10.12 per round bale or $0.52 per square bale.

It's obviously a cost effective way to convert round bales into square bales.

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